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What do we do?

Off-Site Box Storage & Archiving:


Out of the Blue On-Line Storage:

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A circle of towers Storage facility Scanning a document

•  An extremely affordable convenient way of managing and viewing your data

•  All maintenance costs are included in the monthly rentals

•  Simply pay a fixed monthly user rental with no limit to the number of images being

   housed in the repository (Up to 40,000,000 images)

•  Features include View, Add, Edit and Delete

•  Searchable PDFs, audit Trail, audit Control are just some of the features available

•  Off-site box storage with ‘Scan on Demand’ service

•  On-line retrieval request and view service

•  On-site box loading servic

•  On-site/Off-site box inventory service

•  Full range of archiving services

•  We scan anything from train ticket size papers to A0 size

•  Maps/Drawings to colour/bw PDFs or tiffs

•  X-Ray scanning

•  16/35mm microfilm, microfiche, Microjackets to PDF/tiffs

•  On-site Scanning Data Input Services

Microfilm/Microfiche Conversion to PDF:

Other Services Include:  

Stop wasting valuable time searching through dated microforms and introduce better working business practices into the business by scanning the microfilm/fiche images to PDFs/tiffs.

•  Box Supplies

•  On-Site Box Loading Service

•  Box Inventory Service

•  Scanning On-Site or at our Bureau

•  Data Capture

•  Microfilm Conversion

•  Scanner Distributors for: Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak & Panasonic

•  Hyland OnBase Workflow Software

•  Alchemy Software Distributors

•  Commercial Storage

Rolls of film to be developed Graphic of stacked boxes

Scanning Services: